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Olcay Akman

My research interests focus on computing-intensive modeling in biomathematics. I work on a variety of cross-disciplinary research projects. Please visit my research page for more information.

My Current Research Interests

Computing-Intensive Modeling

Modeling techniques that are based on machine learning. Hybridized artificial neural networks with genetic algorithms for predictive modeling, clustering, and classification algorithms.

Neural Networks in Modeling

Neural network regression, which are regressive models that have self-learning components. Kohonen algorithms are self organizing map based algorithms that reduce high-dimensional data to geometrically intuitive format.

Artificial intelligence.

Evolutionary Computing

Genetic Algorithms and its extensions are very efficient in model/parameter estimation.

Genetic Algorithms

Particle Swarm Optimization

My Editorial Assignments

Letters in Biomathematics

Editor-in-Chief, Letters in Biomathematics


Editor-in-Chief, Spora

Contact Info

You can reach me at