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Contact Information

Christopher Hay-Jahans
Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
University of Alaska Southeast

Tel: (907) 796-6408

More about the R Course

UAS Course Title

Statistical Computing with R

Course Description

An in-depth introduction to the fundamentals of programming with R, the free open-sourced statistical software. Emphasizes development of skills in preparing user-defined functions and code via topics introduced in traditional elementary statistics courses. Includes descriptive statistics, graphical and numerical methods for exploring univariate and bivariate data, interval estimates, one- and two-sample hypothesis tests, one-factor ANOVA, correlation, simple regression, bivariate least squares curve fitting, contingency tables, and nonparametric methods.

Prerequisite: Introductory/Elementary Statistics (C or higher).

Delivery Method

This course should be considered a web-equivalent of a correspondence course. Students are expected to work on assigned reading and computer exercises, and submit their work electronically. Consequently, you are expected to be adequately comfortable with computers, sufficiently motivated and able to work independently, and able complete assignments in a timely fashion.

Another point to keep in mind is that, at UAS, this course is listed as a 2 (0+4) semester credit lab course (where 0 represents the number of “lecture hours” per week, and 4 represents the number of “lab” hours per week). Everyone is expected to devote around 4 hours a week on their computers for this course (and possibly up to 2 additional hours a week for further reading as needed) – be aware that some of you may need extra time and others may find they are able to complete tasks in much less time.

Since this is an online course, Adobe Reader, internet and email access is required.

Interested in this Course?

Get in touch with with your institution's IBA Liaison, and call or email Chris Hay-Jahans to get directions on how to proceed.