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I am a student at the University of St. Francis, and I am pursuing a Major in Biology and a Minor in Chemistry. I am interested in epidemiology, and I am particularly interested in cancer research.

About Me

As said above, I am a student at the University of St. Francis, but I am a freshman student and I have not participated in mathematical or biological research before. However, I do come from a rich background in research and problem solving from my time working with Nuclear Power while in the armed forces. I intend on pursing Physician Assistant schooling come fall of 2019.

Classes Taken

PreCalculus, Biology 1. This fall will be Calculus 1, Chemistry 1, and Microbiology.

Contact Information

LinkedIn Profile



In general, I am interested in solving any problem I can, more specifically those involving disease, and most specifically those involving cancer. Nonetheless, I would like to put my scuba diving certifications to use and participate in underwater fieldwork, such as for data collection involving coral reef bleaching.

Current Work

Pulse vaccination strategy to combat Tazmanian Devil Facial Tumor Disease

Advisors: Dr. Comar, Dr. Powell