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About Me


Senior at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse



Major: Computer Science
Program: Pre-Medicine
Minors: Math, Biology, Chemistry

Math courses taken

Discrete Math
Calculus 1
Calculus 2
Mathematical Modeling in Biology

Biology Courses Taken

Intro Biology
Organismal Biology
Anatomy and Physiology 1
Anatomy and Physiology 2
Cellular Biology


Previous Work

Computational Biophysics

Research Adviser: Dr. Jennifer Klein Ph.D.
Project Name: Oxidation of Calmodulin
Project Description: Molecular dynamics simulations of calmodulin mutants to characterize oxidative effects on protein morphology and function

BIO STATS Internship

Research Adviser: Dr. Charles Watts M.D. Ph.D. Project Name: Glioblastoma
Project Description: Molecular dynamics simulations and analysis pertaining to a mutants of a cancer marker

Current Work


Research Adviser: Pam Ryan, Truman State University
Project: Statistical Analysis of Genetic Diversity


1. Research organisms/proteins for sequences to test
2. Look over simulation code
3. Reproduce current data/figures for new protein
4. Make modifications to code for more biological accurate definitions of syn and non and have them verified
5. run the previous and new system under new rules and compare

People I know

Brooke Zimmer James Peirce