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IBA members have a wide variety of research interests with different levels of rigor.


  • Olcay Akman is interested in computing-intensive modeling in biomathematics and ecology. He's currently working on several projects across institutional boundaries. This type of collaboration is one of the main pillars of IBA.
  • James Peirce, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is an applied mathematician with expertise in differential equations with applications in mathematical ecology and epidemiology. He is currently studying environmentally-driven waterfowl disease and serving as a co-advisor on a graduate research project with an ISU graduate student.
  • Timothy D. Comar, Benedictine University mathematics faculty, is interested in biological modeling and studying the dynamics of models of ecological systems (particularly, integrated pest management systems), the spread of diseases with or without vaccination strategies, and biological networks, including gene regulatory networks. He is interested in computing-intensive modeling, impulsive and delay differential equations, and, algebraic and discrete modeling, including agent-based modeling. He also has expertise in low-dimensional topology, including knot theory, hyperbolic manifolds, and Kleinian groups.

Research Associates

  • John Doe


  • Devin Akman is working on Particle Swarm Optimization.
  • Chris Bruno is working on Vaccination Strategies.
  • Andrew Gregory is working on Statistical Analysis of Genetic Diversity.
  • Vashni Vasquez is working on the immunology and age/sex structure dynamics of Tasmanian Devils regarding the Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD).
  • Kait Weihofen is working on Vaccination Strategies and Disease Modeling for Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD).

Member Institutions